Our business model is unique. We are not dealers and do not carry inventory in large warehouses, and a lot of overhead…like the dealers. We are not able to, nor do we want to “carry” or stock equipment in inventory. When we make an acquisition of equipment, we market it aggressively and at a price that will cause it to sell very quickly! Because of our very low overhead and the urgency to get the equipment sold, this creates the best situation for buyers.

Buyer Info

Business pros, savvy investors and successful multi-unit franchisees, planning additional locations make up the bulk of our customers. Why? They can spot a bargain and a great opportunity when they see one! They know the costs of new equipment. They’ve been down that road and realize in today’s world, you have to get an edge to make it in business. They also find out that working with US Equipment is an easy, low risk proposition when dealing with pre-owned equipment. Many also know, through experience, that pre-owned equipment can be a very risky proposition if you are not careful. We realize that as well. That’s why we take several steps to insure any risk is at the lowest possible level.

We carefully examine the background on why a location is closing, how the equipment was managed and handled, and the overall condition. We don’t acquire it is unless it is very late model and in “very nice” to “exceptional” condition.

We do our best to provide as much information on the subject equipment as we possibly can. This includes detailed, accurate equipment lists and original Invoices or Purchase Orders showing the details, manufacturers, history, purchase dates, and costs of the equipment. We support that information with numerous photos. This is done to accurately portray the equipment and insure that there are no surprises! We go to great lengths to insure the photos “don’t lie”.

We have “buyer protections” that take much of the risk out of purchasing pre-owned equipment from our company.

Because of how our business model is set up, we are careful not to put ourselves in a situation in which the customer is not happy with a purchase. This can cost us thousands of dollars in expense and time. We only acquire equipment that customers will be extremely proud to own.

In our 20+ years in business, we’ve never had a customer back out of a purchase after having inspected equipment they were purchasing. Most are so impressed they ask us to find them an additional equipment package or let us know they will be calling for more equipment when they plan their next location!

Keep one important thing in mind as you contemplate your purchase. If you purchase one of our pre-owned equipment packages, because the equipment is relatively new and condition very good, your customers won’t realize you purchased pre-owned and most of your more expensive items are in the kitchen area anyway, out of site to customers. The experienced franchisees and business pros have learned this… that’s why they buy late model pre-owned.  The location and build-out of the property is more “noticed” by the customer than your equipment package.

General Information

In most cases, there would be no sales tax charged with a purchase mainly due to out-of-state sales. However, buyer agrees to pay any state or local taxes, if applicable.

Buyers are typically responsible for removal of equipment and shipping to their respective area. Keep in mind, removals are not as complex as you might think and can be completed in a day or two in most cases. Many buyer/owners are do-it-yourselfers. We’ve found over the years, most buyers prefer to do their own removals. By doing this, the costs are kept to a minimum… and the savings to a maximum! Most of the work involved with a removal is “common sense” activity with little technical knowledge needed. While we no longer handle removals as we once did, we can guide you in the preparations of removal and shipping to keep costs to a minimum, without sacrificing safety of the equipment.

For the “hands-off” type of buyers, we can make recommendations on companies who have experience in restaurant removals. We do not recommend you talk with a general mover to handle a project like this, without your supervision, for a number of reasons. Again, we can discuss the best options for you.

Because of the low purchase prices; relative to age, condition, etc., we do not carry standard warranties on equipment. Buyers have the ability to inspect and see equipment operate, as the equipment is in most cases, still on its original site. As always, we will represent the existing status of all equipment packages up front.  Providing warranties under the same “price-to-age” circumstances would be nearly impossible for any company to do… assuming they were offering a true legitimate warranty in writing and willing to back it up. Unfortunately, the experienced pre-owned buyers realize warranties on pre-owned equipment are usually way over-rated and often times worthless, when it comes to companies satisfactorily backing up that warranty. It may provide a little peace of mind in the beginning but… you’ll pay for it in purchase price and may still end up with little support service!

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