US Equipment Company has been in business over 20 years. Our main line of business is in consulting work for people planning restaurant or retail operations in the franchise and non-franchise proprietary sectors. We are not equipment dealers, though.

Much of our work involves the assistance of banks and other types of lending institutions. Over the years, we have developed many longstanding relationships with these lenders, helping our clients with their financing efforts.  These lenders also bring to us, prime opportunities to purchase assets from restaurant and other retail operations, from non-performing loans. Many of these loans are very recent, ranging from a few months to only a year or two in age. If the equipment package meets our criteria, we will make the acquisition of the equipment and offer it to the public at a huge discount. This creates an incredible opportunity for people planning restaurant or retail locations but does not want, or is unable to purchase all new equipment!  We also make acquisitions of equipment packages directly from owner/sellers.

Our business model is unique. We are not dealers and do not carry inventory in large warehouses, and a lot of overhead…like the dealers. We are not able to, nor do we want to “carry” or stock equipment in inventory. When we make an acquisition of equipment, we market it aggressively and at a price that will cause it to sell very quickly! Because of our very low overhead and the urgency to get the equipment sold, this creates the best situation for buyers.

For sellers who may want to consider an auction, our auction partners offer the best on-line auction service available anywhere!

US Equipment Company is licensed, insured and rated on Dunn & Bradstreet. 

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